May 7, 2021

best kratom pills

Let’s face it, kratom doesn’t taste good in fact it’s downright bitter so are kratom pills are the next best thing?

Kratom pills usually are weaker in pill form but getting them from the right vendor and insuring their quality can make up for this fact.

If you like kratom’s effects but hate the taste then pills are definitely the way to go.

Kratom pills are a lot more popular for managing pain, anxiety, depression, and a host of other problems due to their convenience. Kratom capsules vary in size and come in veggie or gelatin capsules depending on where you buy from.

Luckily the number of kratom vendors that sell high-quality kratom of capsules as well so you can get the same top-tier kratom powder in pill form.

After sampling a number of different vendors I’ve compiled the five strongest kratom capsules you’ll find online, if you’re looking for kratom capsules that have the same strong effect as kratom powder then read on ahead.

Why Take Kratom Pills?

same effects, no bitter taste

Because of how versatile kratom are people take it for all kinds of different reasons. People take kratom to help focus on tasks for long periods of time, ease anxiety, being more social, some guys even take it to last longer in bed.

With so many different uses it makes sense that carrying around kratom powder can be unpractical, this is where the pills come in handy. You can just take a bottle of the capsules with you wherever you go, pop a few when you need them, and go on about your day.

Convenience is king with kratom capsules you can also down them with orange juice to boost the effects while you out.

Are the Pills Really Stronger?

strongest kratom capsules

As a rule of thumb, taking the powder is usually stronger. Why I can hear you ask. Anytime you take a powder whether it’s kratom or a nootropic powder is more bioavailable meaning you’re body absorbs the nutrients faster and more efficiently.

The tradeoff with capsules is that they’re usually weaker and take longer to kick in.

The only problem with kratom pills is that depending on where you buy them from the pills can be weak. I mean like buying kratom from smoke shops and shady vendors.

What you’re looking for is the strongest pills that are as strong as taking kratom in powder form.

If you go to a quality kratom store, however, they deal only in the best product so you get your money’s worth when you buy from them.

I only buy kratom from the best vendors online and I suggest you do as well which is why I have the strongest capsules these online vendors have to offer.

Vendor 1. Kraken Kratom

I’ve been buying from Kraken kratom for years and I’ve never been disappointed with their products, so I decided to try their kratom capsule lineup to see if I could get the same effects as downing a large glass of kratom powder mixed with water.

After taking 4 kratom pills I felt a huge surge of energy 45 minutes later and proceeded to have an awesome day all without having to down a glass of powder that makes you gag.

Kraken Kratom has capsules for a few of their strains and not as much variety as the strains they do have (one for each color) but they more than makeup for them in their effects.

After taking them you might honestly prefer the capsules over the powder but you can decide for yourself. If you do decide to go this route let me know what you thought.

Vendor 2. Happy Hippo Herbals

good kratom capsules

Happy Hippo Herbals has been around for a long time and its reputation as a quality kratom company has been well-established over time.

Including their all-star lineup of kratom powder and other botanicals, Happy Hippo has a blend of some of the best kratom powder condensed down into pill form. These kratom capsules have different blends of kratom infused together to cut down on tolerance and give a balanced effect.

Are they strong though I can hear someone ask. The kratom in these capsules is very stimulating.

The options are all affordable as well as effective if you’re looking for a wide variety of kratom strains in pill form this is a reputable vendor to get your magic powder.

Vendor 3. Organic Kratom USA

Organic Kratom USA has grown in recent years in popularity largely due to the wide variety and selection of top-tier kratom and CBD products.

All their premium kratom products are backed by their 30-day guarantee and

Their kratom is pretty powerful and their pills are no exception. When you’re on them you feel like you just chugged down a big glass of kratom water.

They load their kratom caps with their highest quality premium kratom powder with no fillers.

Vendor 4. The Golden Monk Kratom

best kratom pills

The Golden Monk is a reliable company that has always delivered some of the best kratoms online. This company works closely with farmers locally and abroad to get their kratom from the best sources.

After trying their kratom capsules I can definitely confirm this. These capsules blow the other ones out of the water. It’s like taking kratom with an extra kick to it.

Their lineup of kratom is also inexpensive making it easy to stock up on a ton of great kratom. They offer deals regularly, so you can always get something for a discounted price.

Check Kratom Prices

Kratom Pills Pros & Cons

kratom pills pros and cons

As much as I love kratom pills and how convenient they are there are still a few downsides compared to powder.

Kratom Capsule Pros

  • Convenient
  • Easy to carry
  • Effective

Kratom Capsule Cons

  • Effects take longer to kick in
  • Can be weaker (depending on where you get them)

Ultimately whether kratom capsules work best is up to you to decide. Some people prefer to take the capsules and others prefer the powder.

In Closing

All in all, I think anyone who takes kratom should try the pills at least once. It helps when you’re outside your house and you need a quick motivator in a tiny green pill form.

Also, a lot of kratom sites offer a discount code for bulk orders on kratom capsules so if you take the pills a lot you’ll get a great deal if you decide to bulk order them.

I hope this helped find a good kratom supplier for capsules, let me know what you think if decide to order from them.

As always guys, thanks for reading the article.

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My name is Harrison Deal, after trying several different nootropics I created this website as a way to give back to the community by creating a resource for information on nootropics, kratom, CBD, and different hacks for improving your health.

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